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    Captain Kenneth

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    Kenneth looks like a nice lad, but in reality, he is much more disagreeable than all of his blood brothers and really gets a kick out of bossing them around. It is rumoured that he enjoys making little blood drop shaped Crochet pieces, as they keep turning up all around the officer's mess and nobody really knows where they came from!

    In a previous role, Kenneth was a model who had a pretty successful campaign with L'Oréal.

    Miniature designed by McAngryMinis.

    This multi-part resin kit makes 1x Captain Kenneth and 1x terrain base topper.

    All items are printed to order, please allow up to 7 days for dispatch. This allows for busy printing periods, realistic shipping times are typically faster than this. 

    Note: These miniatures are ready out of the box for immediate priming and painting. All products are sold cleaned, cured, and with supports removed. The colour of the finished product may differ from the image shown. Sold unpainted, assembly may be required.

    All miniatures sold are done so via Creative Commons license with permission from the creator, or under Commercial License. 

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